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1st In Quality And Appearance – KettleCADDY Pizza Cutter | Shop Now | , Cape Farms, , Cape Town | The KettleCADDY Pizza Oven

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The well-designed and excellent quality kettleCADDY Pizza Cutter to compliment the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven product range.

SKU: KCPC-001Category: AccessoryTags: Pizza Cutter, Pizza Slicer

Additional information

Weight 173 kg
Dimensions 21 × 7 × 2 cm


kettleCADDY PIZZA CUTTER (with tailored polyurethane handle)
1. Made from FOOD-GRADE 430 Stainless Steel
2. Do NOT wash in dishwasher
3. MADE in South Africa

In addition to the ingredients used and the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven used for baking pizza dough, our kettleCADDY Pizza Cutter is another pizza-making essential that pizza lovers should not miss. If you have been using a plain kitchen knife to do the job, you have to consider several benefits that you can get from our good quality kettleCADDY Pizza Cutter.

Neater slices and practicality are two examples of what thekettleCADDY Pizza Cutter has to offer, and those who are on constant lookout for new recipes should also prepare the essentials before proceeding with the baking process.

Specially-designed essentials will give you a true delicacy, and our pizza cutter is not an exception. Many enthusiasts will find it quite hard to resist the temptation of purchasing items like wood-fired pizza ovens, pizza stones and our kettleCADDY Pizza Cutter. As with all our signature Pizza Making Accessories, it is important to care for your Pizza Cutter – after every use, clean and remove all the food-stuff that so-easily cling to the pizza cutter.

People tend to get too carried away with the Pizza Utencils and sometimes buy items that take up a lot of drawer space. The kettleCADDY Pizza Cutter, although made of good quality, is nice and compact for stow-away purposes.

You will love the kettleCADDY Pizza Cutter as a very useful addition to your pizza making accessories. ENJOY!

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